President: Jim Dawson Vice President: Jim Hurt Secretary: Sherri Domenico Treasurer: Joyce Blake

Directors: Bill Combs, Bill Enzor, George Meyn, Joe Kling, Marshall Burkins, Milton Curtis, Ross Blake, Tom Burke, Tony Domenico
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What's Going On At The Club?

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18 Jan 2020Club Scheduled for Private EventRifle Range Closed
SaturdayStarting Time: 03:00 PMPistol Range Closed
19 Jan 2020Turkey ShootRifle Range Open
SundayStarting Time: 09:00 AMPistol Range Closed
26 Jan 2020Steel Challenge Pistol ShootRifle Range Closed
SundayStarting Time: 09:00 AMPistol Range Closed
03 Feb 2020Board MeetingRifle Range Open
MondayStarting Time: 07:00 PMPistol Range Open
09 Feb 2020Club Scheduled for Private EventRifle Range Open
SundayStarting Time: 02:00 PMPistol Range Open
10 Feb 2020General Membership MeetingRifle Range Open
MondayStarting Time: 07:00 PMPistol Range Open
16 Feb 2020Turkey ShootRifle Range Open
SundayStarting Time: 09:00 AMPistol Range Closed
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*** READ THIS ***

For regular meeting attendees, this should come as no surprise. This year 2 major changes were made IAW our By-Laws. They are:

ELECTIONS: Nominations for club officers will be held during the October and November General Club Meetings. The vote will be held at the December General Club Meeting.

DUES: Dues will be increased by $10 in each of the next 3 years. So, Dues for 2020 will be $65 for a Single Membership and $75 for a Family Membership. Junior Memberships will remain at $20. The Renewal Form has been updated and may be downloaded from the Links section of the website. 

Remember renewals are due by 31 Jan 2020.

Youth Air Rifle

The Club is gathering interest in a youth air rifle night.  If you, or someone you know, is interested please email Tony Domenico, Jr. at  Once we have enough young people we will set up a meeting and some dates for the activity.  The best way to ensure the future of our club and the sports we love is to get the young people involved. 

US Law Shield Seminars

FREE GUN LAW SEMINARS!!!! Please Like, Comment, and Share!

Join us at the Delta Peach Bottom Fish and Game at 173 Pikes Peak Road Delta, PA 17314 from 6:30-8:30. A US Law Shield Independent Program Attorney will be covering the Justified Use of Deadly Force along with the Castle Doctrine, Civil Liability, and how to interact with police after a critical incident. We will have 2 Seminars this year. On 19 February focus will be on the state of Maryland and on 6 May the focus will be on the state of Pennsylvania. Join us for one or both. 


Click the link below to find your seminar and to register. Cost is free to US Law Shield Members and to Club Members.




A minimum of 14 people must have registered prior to the seminar date for it to take place.

Turkey Shoots

Turkey Shoots will be held on 1 Jan,  19 Jan, 16 Feb, and 15 March.  Sign up 8 a.m.  Shoot begins when cards are full. 12 ga. only, shells will be provided.  For more information please call Jim Hurt @ 410-271-6669

***Something Different**

The Turkey Shoot on 15 March will have No Restrictions on Sights or Chokes.

Wild Game Feast

On Saturday, February 29 all members and their families are invited to attend our Wild Game Feast. The only cost is to bring a main dish preferably made with wild game and a salad or a dessert.  There will be door prizes and awards will be given to the winners of the different buck pools. Event begins at 5:00 PM and goes to whenever...

Kids Fish Day

This is one of the most enjoyable events held at the club.  Youngsters 2 to 12 are allowed to catch 5 fish from the club stream, some of which are bragging size trout.  Prizes are awarded in many categories and nearly every child will get something.  They are also allowed to keep their fish.  This event is open to the public and will be held on Saturday, May 2.  All anglers must register before fishing.  All youngsters must be accompanied by an adult.  Sign up will start at 9:00 am and fishing will be from 10 to 12.

Steel Challenge Pistol - 2020

The dates for this year's program are as follows: Jan 26, Feb 23, Mar 22, Apr 26, May 24, Jun 28, Jul 26, Aug 23, Sep 27, Oct 25, Nov 22, Dec 27.

 ***Set up and registration at 9:00 - 9:30 and shooting at 10:00.

 Register online at

Every shooter will need at least 50 rounds PRE-LOADED INTO MAGAZINES for each station!!! ( You may reload between stages, but not strings) Shooters will only be able to shoot the ammo that they have pre-loaded and on themselves once they step into the box.... This is both a time safety issue. Any shooters that have less than the needed round count in magazines will still be able to shoot---but once out of pre-loaded magazines, the shooter is DONE for that station/stage. There will be no more handing off of empty magazines to be quickly reloaded. There will be no exceptions to this!!  Eye and ear protection is mandatory.  NO INSIDE THE WAISTBAND HOLSTERS ALLOWED. No concealed holsters.  No loaded firearms until instructed by the RSO to 'load and make ready'.  Firearms are only to be uncased or unholstered at designated areas. No exceptions.

Any pistol caliber handgun or carbine may be used-- no magnum, steel core,FN5.7 or 22TCM ammo !!  Email for more info.


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For more information contact Chris at 443-829-8173.

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